Astrologaster is a story-driven astrological comedy game set in Shakespeare's London.

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The Doctor is in


London, 1592. A great plague sweeps through the capital. When doctors flee the city in fear, a hero rises.  His name is Simon Forman, “Doctor” of Astrology, Astronomy and Physick. Not only does he have the power to cure the sick, he can find their lost pets and predict their futures! All by reading the movements of the stars.

But when the plague ends, Forman’s problems begin. The real doctors return to London and they will stop at nothing to bring him down...

Astrologaster is a story-rich astrological comedy game set in Shakespeare’s London:

  • Guide Forman in casting and interpreting real astrological charts.

  • Help solve patients’ problems that range from Elizabethan terror plots and foul diseases, to romantic entanglements and missing spoons.Will you win their favour or ruin their lives?

  • Gain Forman enough influence and legitimacy to obtain a medical licence and prove the London medical establishment wrong?

  • Based on a true (and truly ridiculous) story.


Simon Forman was considered a sage by some and a charlatan by others. What will your legacy be? Will you put your faith in the stars?


Meet the doctor


Simon Forman

Doctor of Astrology, Astronomy and Physick. Astrological guidance on matters personal, professional & medical since 1592. Medical licence pending. 


Meet the patients


Lancelot Moore

Lancelot Moore, son of a wealthy London family, is an accomplished wooer of ladies. His approach to courting largely relies upon a combination of good looks and terrible love sonnets. Moore seeks Doctor Forman's advice on how to manage his various romantic entanglements.


Will fate forgive his crimes against women and poetry? Or will we one day find him behind a Southwark alehouse lying in a pool of blood and covered in bear excrement? 


Alice Blague

Alice Blague is the wife of the Dean of Rochester. She keeps herself busy protecting the Blague family fortune from her husband and managing her extra-marital affairs with various high-ranking clergymen. After a long day, Alice likes to unwind with a flagon of wine at local alehouse, The Quiet Bear.


Will Alice succeed in rescuing her family from penury? Or will her husband’s debts drive her to desperate lengths...


Thomas Blague

Thomas Blague is the Dean of Rochester Cathedral. Unsatisfied with his senior position in the Church of England, Blague invests his money in risky financial schemes, which include expeditions for South American gold and Dutch flower-bulb-based currencies. 


Will Blague one day make his fortune? Or will he lead his family to ruin, thus incurring the wrath of his wife Alice?



More patients to be revealed soon





The Casebook’s Project

Astrologaster takes its inspiration from Simon Forman’s casebooks. These are part of the Casebooks Project, and the Casebooks team has acted as historical consultants for the game.